SSF Junior Series Event #3 – Dunnet Event Report

On the 27th of August 2022 the third stop of the SSF Junior Series took place at Dunnet Beach in chest high glassy surf and sunny weather.

The North Shore Surf Club committee and the SSF’s panel of international judges (hailing from Australia, Indonesia, Scotland, England and Guadeloupe!) were on hand early Saturday morning to get the competition underway in a timely fashion to make the most of the decreasing swell.

The standard of all age divisions was incredible with some of the highest scores of the day coming from the U12 division including a 9pt ride for a huge backhand reo from Lewis Morgan (GCSC) in the first heat of the day! This score was only eclipsed by Gabriel Noble (BSC) with a 9.17pt ride also in the first round of the U12s but it would be Sebastian Ballantyne (BSC) who would be the eventual winner, having been consistent in the division right through posting double figure heat totals but saving his best til last with an excellent score of 8pts in the final and a heat total of 14.87pts.

Tam Hood (BHSC) would be one of the standouts of the whole event winning both the U16 and U14 divisions – pipping favourite Gabriel Noble (BSC) in the dying seconds of the U14 final by 0.03pts only.

Callie Cruickshank (BSC) won the U16 Girls final convincingly with a 11.83pts heat total with U18 Girls winner Lola Mitchell getting the runner up spot. 3rd and 4th place in the U16s were separated by a count-back with Olivia MacKay (NSSC) taking the 3rd spot just ahead of Robyn Larg (TSC).

No surprises with Lola Mitchell (BSC) and Craig McLachlan (NSSC) taking out the U18 Girls and Boys divisions respectively but Ben Kobedza (MFSR) gave Craig a good run for his money in the boys requiring only 3.01pts to take the lead, without a decent backup and holding onto the second best score of the heat.


  1. Sebastian Ballantyne (BSC)
  2. Kai Cruickshank (BSC)
  3. Gabriel Noble (BSC)
  4. Lewis Morgan (GCSC)


  1. Tam Hood (BHSC)
  2. Gabriel Noble (BSC)
  3. Evan Whyte (BSC)
  4. Kai Cruickshank (BSC)

U16 Boys

  1. Tam Hood (BHSC)
  2. Finn Clark (EBSC)
  3. Charlie Pugh (BHSC)
  4. Fraser Brown (LSC)

U16 Girls

  1. Callie Cruickshank (BSC)
  2. Lola Mitchell (BSC)
  3. Olivia MacKay (NSSC)
  4. Robyn Larg (TSC)

U18 Boys

  1. Craig McLachlan (NSSC)
  2. Ben Kobedza (MFSR)
  3. Fraser Brown (LSC)
  4. Finn Clark (EBSC)

U18 Girls

  1. Lola Mitchell (BSC)
  2. Olivia MacKay (NSSC)
  3. Callie Cruickshank (BSC)
  4. Robyn Larg (TSC)