Surfing first started in Scotland on the East Coast in the midhistory 2 to late 1960s with small groups of surfers forming around the Fraserburgh, Aberdeen and Edinburgh regions. Of the earliest surf club developments there was a “Scottish Surf Club”, run by George Raynes based out of Glasgow followed by a thriving “Pease Bay Surf Club”. From these early surfers Scotland had teams at the Eurosurf 1971 (Jersey) and 1973 (Woolacombe) events.

history 4The first Scottish Championships were held at Bettyhill (near Thurso) in 1973 which was mainly attended by the ‘Pease Bay Surf Club’. Two years later in 1975 the Scottish Surfing Championships were held at Fraserburgh and the event attracted competitors from all over Scotland. With an aim of maintaining links with other likeminded individuals from across the country the decision was made to form the a national association and the 1975 Scottish Championships set the cornerstone for the development of the Scottish Surfing Federation (SSF).