2024 Scottish National Surfing Championships

Thurso East delivers the goods, Mclachlan goes back to back, the women’s is getting closer, old dogs give us the best final of the day, while the rest of us head home with mild sunburn. Here’s the rundown of our 2024 National Champs.

PC: Oscar James

After a long winter, the weather broke to glorious sunshine and blue skies this easter weekend. As has become somewhat of a trend over the last 3 years, we spent both competition days basking in sunshine. This year we held our nationals on the 29th & 30th March, a week earlier than ’23. Hitting the last solid north swell we might witness this season. 

PC: Oscar James
PC: Andre Silva

We rolled into the car park Friday morning to behold clean head high, to double overhead set waves thundering across the shallow reef shelf. Light southerly winds blowing right up the face. Nothing but clean waves and unbridled excitement. For the 51st iteration of the Scottish National Surfing Championships, the SSF decided to run only Mens, Women’s and Masters. Allowing us longer heats, and therefore more scoring potential.

PC: Andre Silva

The first heats saw high scoring early on with last years winners, Phoebe Strachan, Mark Boyd & Craig McLachlan, looking to defend their positions as the ones to beat. 

PC: Andre Silva

Women’s Open was a closer fought battle than many predicted. Robyn Larg, Callie Cruikshank and Lola Mitchell, all putting pressure on defending Champ Phoebe Strachan in the early stages. 

PC: Andre Silva

Finding a couple of bombs, Phoebe managed to put down the scores to hold onto that title for yet another year.

PC: Andre Silva
PC: Andre Silva

Almost a foregone conclusion, the Open Mens saw Craig Mclachlan putting a 9.17 and a 8.17 on the board within the first few minutes of the heat. They would remain his highest scoring waves, and in fact the highest scoring heat total of the entire competition. 

PC: Andre Silva

Suds fought his way to a very respectable 2nd place with one incredible tricky cover up, with Boydie coming in third.

PC: Andre Silva

Scratch was on fine form from the very first heats. Drawing on his experience and launching himself straight to the top of the leaderboard within minutes of the Masters final. Which was hard fought to the end. 

PC: Andre Silva
PC: Andre Silva

Scratch’s first two waves put him in front with a total of 16.27. However Boydie and Chris Clarke followed up with a 7.93 and 8.83 respectively. It wasn’t enough, and Mark Cameron (Scratch) took the trophy home. 

PC: Duncan Mclachlan
PC: Duncan Mclachlan

Open Mens-
1st – Craig McLachlan
2nd – Craig Sutherland
3rd – Mark Boyd
4th – Dylan Fogarty-Macdonald

PC: Duncan Mclachlan

Open Women’s 
1st – Phoebe Strachan 
2nd – Robyn Larg
3rd – Lola Mitchell 
4th – Callie Cruikshank 

PC: Duncan Mclachlan

1st – Mark Cameron 
2nd – Mark Boyd
3rd – Chris Clarke 
4th – Craig Sutherland 

PC: Oscar James

A massive thanks to all the people who made this years event happen, especially Huw John Contest Director, Ester Spears Head Judge, Tim Aylett & the judging panel, organisation team, media team, Marcelle Lockhart keeping all the teams running and 3Ci Sport for providing the livestream!

Event Video:

Contest Director

Huw John 

Head Judge

Ester Spears

Refresh System Operator

Tim Aylett

Master of Ceremonies

Campbell Scott

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