In some of the harshest sea conditions in the world the Scottish Surfing Federation have safely navigated the sport of surfing around Scotland’s coasts for nearly 4 centuries.

There is recognition that many of the learning’s and past history of the SSF have become entrained in those whom have directed, pioneered and steered its course.

This manuscript sets out to document the SSFs course identifying pitfalls, achievements and milestones which have mapped its journey around Scotland’s seas.

The historic account plots the flood and ebb of the SSF over the years with information supplied from Iain Masson, Peter Strachan, Malcolm Findlay, Sam Christopherson and Andy Bennetts to name a few of the early buccaneers.

The more recent history has been accounted for by William Watson and Chris Noble both of whom served at the helm of the SSF committee between 2006 and 2012.

It is hoped such a historic reference may benefit future adventurers and enthusiasts alike, lighting the way to successfully guide the SSFs course in the years to come. Tales of treasure, treachery, bar brawls, looting and other piracy crimes shall remain reserved to the seafarers whom are fortunate enough to have sailed on the voyages to date.