The Scottish National Longboard Championships and The Lowland Longboard Championships

The Scottish Surfing Federation are delighted to announce the National Longboarding Championships sponsored by Finisterre to run at Pease Bay on the 27th/28th April 2024. 

The event also combines with the Lowland Longboarding Championships to welcome in our International friends.

We also thank sponsors Lost Shore and Verdant Leisure who are helping with prizes and FAR Cabinet Makers for the new longboard trophies. We would also like to thank Coast to Coast Surf School, Belhaven Surf Club and EBSC for organising the event, the full judging team that’s arriving from all over the UK, plus a massive thanks to beach lifeguards Martin and Owen for making themselves available for the event.

The Scottish National Longboard Championships and the Lowland Longboard Championships

The event will run with 6 longboard categories

  • Scottish Longboarding Male division
  • Scottish Longboarding Female division
  • Scottish Longboarding Male Junior U18yrs division
  • Scottish Longboarding Female Junior U18yrs division
  • International Longboarding Male division
  • International Longboarding Female division

All adult competitors can only enter one division. Scottish juniors can enter the Scottish junior and adult divisions. All boards must be a minimum of 9ft long.

If you are Scottish

You enter the Scottish divisions and these will run to conclusion with Scottish National 2024 Champions decided in male, female and junior boy and girl divisions.

If you are International

You enter the International divisions and these will run to their respective final stage, but not run to conclusion. 

Finalists combine from both the Scottish and International Divisions to surf off for Lowland Longboard 2024 title

Once the Scottish finals are complete and the International finalists are decided in the adult divisions we combine the two to create two seeded Lowland semi finals (eg semi final one, seeded Scottish finalist 1, International finalist 2, Scottish finalist 3, International finalist 4). These semi finals will then run with the top 2 from each heat going through to the “grand final” to create the 2024 Lowland Longboard Champions.

Eligibility and Seeding

To enter the Scottish Championships you must be eligible under the Scottish Surfing Federation eligibility criteria. Scottish competitors should enter the categories with “Scottish” in the title. Pre-event seeding will come from the 2023 Scottish Championships.

International competitors should not be Scottish but can be from anywhere else (eg. English, Welsh, Irish, European etc) and should enter the categories with “International” in the title. Pre-event seeding will come from the 2023 Lowland Championships.

Scottish Under 18’s are welcome to enter the both junior and adult divisions. International juniors must enter the International adults divisions. All entries are via the Scottish Surfing Federation website and you must join the Scottish Surfing Federation to be eligible to enter their competitions.

Event Information

We will post event updates such as running order and heat draws in the week leading up to the event. Competition entry will close at midnight on Sunday 21st April. Competition entry is limited so please book early. All competitors will be invited onto a Whatsapp group for the latest event information.

If the event is called off it will be done by the evening of Thursday 25th April and will be rescheduled automatically for the following weekend. A similar on/off call will be done the following Thursday. Entry has been limited so in the event of storm or flat conditions the event can run in a single day.