Scotland V Ireland International 2018 – Results

The Annual Scotland V Ireland International took place last weekend at Sinclairs Bay in Caithness, Scotland in fantastic 3ft offshore beachbreak surf and glorious sunshine on Saturday.  Ireland retained the Celtic Cup with 20395pts to Scotland’s 16065pts.

On Saturday night there was a Ceilidh Dance in the Pentland Hotel to celebrate the event and a prizegiving banquet in on Sunday.

Huge thanks to events sponsors: the Pentland Hotel, NDA, CNSF, Comm Bar Thurso, Wavegarden Scotland, Dounreay Communities Fund, SSF and the ISA.

Scotland and Ireland Teams

1. James Garvey, Ireland
2. Mark Cameron, Scotland
3. Sam Moore, Ireland
4. Shane Lally, Ireland

1. Una Britton, Ireland
2. Rachel Moore, Ireland
3. Holly Widger, Ireland
4. Catronia MacDonald, Scotland

1. Tom Breen, Ireland
2. Luke Ennis, Ireland
3. Joe Stapleton, Ireland
4. Henry Moore, Ireland

1. Seamus McGodlrick, Ireland
2.Martin Kelly, Ireland
3. Jamie Gibson, Scotland
4. Craig Greyvenstein, Scotland

1. Henry Moore, Ireland
2. Eric Greenberg, Ireland
3. Martin Queenie, Scotland
4. Robbie McKay, Scotland

U18 Boys Surf
1. Jack Scott, Ireland
2. Tiernan McCrea, Ireland
3. Tom Breen, Ireland
4. Eoin Lally, Ireland

U18 Girls Surf
1. Una Britton, Ireland
2. Sarah Moore, Ireland
3. Bea Greenberg, Ireland
4. Helena Paran, Ireland

U18 Bodyboard
1. Joe Breen, Ireland
2. Neil McCarthy, Ireland
3. Jamie Gibson, Scotland

U14 Boys
1. Conor Donegan Santos, Ireland
2. Finn Richardson, Ireland
3. Craig McLachlain, Scotland
4. Ben Larg, Scotland
Ireland 1st 20395 pts
Scotland 2nd 16065 pts

Seamus McGoldrick receives the cup on behalf of Ireland from Willy Britton
The Winning Irish Team
Team Scotland

Prizegiving banquet

Local ripper Craig McLachlan
Pumping Sinclairs Bay
The Irish Team received the “Coconut Award” for the biggest f£3% up – they lost the cup in Belfast and had to collect it from Inverness


Ceilidh Dance