SSF Menehune Camp 2023

“Menehune” is a word of Hawaiian origin which has been used historically as an age category in surfing competition for very young juniors – or as the Aussies would call them super-groms!

And so the Scottish Surfing Federation is bringing to you for the first time ever the “SSF Menehune Camp” for 8-10 year olds (on 1st Jan).

The camp will take place on the 2nd of September 2023 in Sandend and will be an opportunity for surfers who were ages 8-10 years old on the 1st of January 2023 to come and learn from Scotland’s top coaches about performance and competitive surfing to prepare those surfers for taking part in the SSF Junior Series in future years.

Kids can subscribe for free at from the 5th of August as long as they are a current SSF Member.

SSF Menehune Camp 2023
Description: An Introduction to Performance & Competitive Surfing for Groms Aged 8-10 Location: Sandend
Date: 2nd September 2023
Age rule:  8-10 years old on 1st of January 2023
Ticket price: Free


  • For national junior coaches to work with and develop regional coaches skills 
  • For judges to have the opportunity to practice, support coaches and gain judging hours for progressing their accreditation 
  • To prepare the athlete age group for entering the SSF competition pathway (SSF Junior Series)

Where? When? 

  • Sandend Village Hall, 2nd September 2023


  • 24 kids max
  • All kids 8 and above or under 11 on 1st January 2023


Classroom Theory 

  • Judging criteria 
  • What is good surfing (how it meets the criteria) – video examples 
  • How heats work eg 20mins, paddle outs, flags, horns, best 2 waves count 
  • Rules / Priority 

Beach Heats 

  • Mock heats/tournament
  • Judges feedback

Classroom Video Analysis 

  • Surfing technique video analysis using footage from heats