British Surfing Championships & British Cup Announcement

The home nation surfing bodies for Wales, Scotland, England and the Channel Islands proudly announce a refreshed and exciting format for the prestigious British title event and bring back the British Cup, with a new qualification process, providing opportunity and a future facing format.

Following the announcement in 2017 that the British Surfing Championships would rotate annually throughout each home nation, the inter-nation discussions have centered around modernising the event, its format and its qualification process. A vital approach at a progressive time in Surfing, with the rising stature of the ISA World Surfing Games and the build up to surfing’s Olympic debut in the 2020 Tokyo games. A collaborative and unified approach to ensure a sustainable event future and one that can cater for the changing landscape.

The British Surfing Championships & British Cup event will now mirror the exciting format of the ISA World Surfing Games, with each nation’s surfers competing for both individual surfer titles as well as a home nations team title (the British Cup).

The event will host four shortboard categories; Men’s Open (16 surfers), Women’s Open (16 surfers), Boys Under 18 (16 surfers) and Girls Under 18 (16 surfers). Qualification for the event will be given to 16 surfers in each division, made up of the top 4 surfers in each division in their respective home nations championship only. For example, the Men’s Open will comprise of the Wales top 4, Scotland top 4, Channel Islands top 4 and England’s top 4 surfers from each home nations championship, making up the 16 man draw. The country code of each surfer will be used to identify their representation (WAL, SCO, CIS & ENG). Each surfer will be vying for the British Champion individual title, whilst points for finished placing at the event will be given to each surfer and combined to identify a home nations British Cup team champion.

The event will provide a high level competition platform, which in turn will drive standards of the surfers and judging and officiating levels across the home nations with each country having representation on the judging panel. The event also provides an opportunity for the nations to introduce and gain experience in any international competition developments.

The qualification process compliments the opportunities provided to many at at each nations respective home championships and provides increased motivation and prestige to the finalists in the qualifying divisions. However, should a surfer forfeit their qualification the respective home nation will maintain that position and pass the spot to the 5th placed surfer and so on proceeding through their results. A surfer can only enter the national championships of one country (for whom they must meet the eligibility requirements to compete for) to attempt to qualify for the event.

The event schedule is as follows;

  • 2018 British Surfing Championships & British Cup. England (Fistral Beach, Cornwall – October 6th & 7th)
  • 2019 British Surfing Championships & British Cup. Jersey, Channel Islands.
  • 2020 British Surfing Championships & British Cup. Scotland
  • 2021 British Surfing Championships & British Cup. Wales

For further information on the event in surfers can contact their respective surfing governing body.

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