Scottish Universities Surfing Championships 2019 – Results

The Scottish Univerisities Surfing Championships 2019 took place on the 30th of March at Belhaven Beach.

The academic year has come to an end, which can mean only one thing… it is time to crown a Scottish University Champion.

There is something to be said about the value of company. The now annual gathering of students on the beaches of Scotland, hoping for fun, surf, sun, seals, surf and radical waves is becoming a treasured break from the rigors of essays and exams. Ultimately, only the sun showed up. In the end though we sucked it up and came together for one reason; we love to surf, no matter the conditions (and beers the night before). There will always be business to be had in the water, but there is a certainty amongst us all. We surf for our Universities and we surf for Scotland. No matter the conditions we compete with purpose and are proud to represent both on the local and national stage.

To the Scottish Universities as a whole, keep pushing forward and keep up the brilliant work.


Here are the results from the 2019 Scottish University Surfing Championships.


Men’s Results:

  1. Colin Brady (EUWSC)
  2. Jacob Goforth (AUSC)
  3. Jules Giroul (EUWSC)
  4. Adam Taylor (EUWSC


Women’s Results:

  1. Ruby Breadon (EUWSC)
  2. Marine Soudais (EUWSC)
  3. Rebecca van der Veer (AUSC)
  4. Megan Bryce (AUSC)


University Results:

  1. University of Edinburgh Windsurf and Surf Club
  2. Aberdeen University Surf Club
  3. Dundee University Surf Club