After the success of the Scottish Junior Nationals held back in April all eyes were now on Dunnet on the north coast for Event 2 of the SSF Scottish Junior series – supported by C-Skins Wetsuits and hosted by the North Shore Surf Club.

Meri Clarke (NSSC) – Mixed U10’s

Day 1, Saturday 24th June –

A difficult summer forecast kept the event organisers on their toes leading up to the event, but the call was made with the contest starting Saturday morning at a sun drenched Dunnet beach. With small contestable waves on offer it was the Mixed Under 10’s & 12’s divisions in the water today to compete and with some outstanding surfing on show the beach filled crowd would be well entertained. 

The contest site was quickly set up by the team in the middle of Dunnet beach and the PA system called for the under 10’s mixed quarter finals to hit the water first. 

With young surfers from all over Scotland, some competing in their first ever surf contest it was a great start with eager parents lining up on the shoreline cheering their children into the waves.

Stand out performance of the quarter finals was Johnny Russell (NSSC) who scored an impressive 12.66 heat total, banking two 6.33 waves at the very start of his heat. Asher Noble (BSC) also made a great start to his event with some impressive surfing, scoring a heat total of 11.20. Competing in her first surf contest Meri Clarke (NSSC) posted some good scores & advanced all the way to the final where she was joined by Caalin Rosie (NSSC), Johnny Russell (NSSC) and Asher Noble (BSC). The final was a closely fought contest with Asher Noble just pipping Johnny Russell by just 0.16 to take the win. 

Results U10’s Mixed Final – 

1st Asher Noble (BSC)

2nd Johnny Russell (NSSC)

3rd Caalin Rosie (NSSC)

4th Meri Clarke (NSSC)

Mixed U10’s Champion – Asher Noble (BSC)
Mixed U10’s Runner up – Johnny Russell (NSSC)
Mixed U10’s Finalists – Caalin Rosie (NSSC), Asher Noble (BSC), Johnny Russell (NSSC) & Meri Clarke (NSSC)
Mixed U10’s Podium

Next to hit the line-up in the sunshine was the Under 12’s mixed surfers. 

Kai Cruickshank (BSC) – Mixed U12’s Winner

Scottish Under 12’s champion Kai Cruickshank (BSC) showed why he is being touted as one of the future stars of Scottish surfing with some outstanding surfing and competitive savvy scoring 13.33 in the semi-final including a 7.5 wave (which would go on to be the highest wave & heat total of the event). Lewis Morgan (GCSC), Alfie Pugh (BHSC) & Aiden Innes (BSC) all surfed great & joined Kai in the final for the last heat of the day. Kai continued to post great scores in the final with 7 & 6.17 waves giving him a winning total of 13.17 and the title.

Results U12’s Mixed Final –

1st Kai Cruickshank (BSC)

2nd Alfie Pugh (BHSC)

3rd Aidan Innes (BSC)

4th Lewis Morgan (GCSC)

Mixed U12 Finalists – Alfie Pugh (BHSC), Kai Cruickshank (BSC), Aidan Innes (GCSC) & Lewis Morgan (BSC)
Mixed U12’s Podium

Saturday night ended with a social gathering back at the North Shore Surf Club at Thurso East with the presentations of trophies & prizes for the Under 10’s & Under 12’s given out by British surf legend Linda Sharp. Big thanks also to Kirstin & Scotty at the Taco East Van for supplying everyone with some awesome tasty Mexican food. It was a great night with everyone in shorts and t-shirts enjoying a few beers in the sunshine and down at the bonfire while the sun set on a great day’s competition.

Day 2, Sunday 25th June – Scottish Junior Series, Dunnet.

With the forecast looking tricky, the morning started off with event organisers quickly scouting out various beaches across the county before the decision was made to move the event from Dunnett to Reiss on the east coast. Big thankyou to Wick Golf Club for letting the team have access to your course to set up on the dunes overlooking the beach. Like a well-oiled machine the contest site was quickly set up by the team of helpers & volunteers and the contest started at mid-day with the Boys U14’s.

The dark clouds were always on the horizon but thankfully didn’t spoil the fun on Day 2 of the contest

And the first heat in the water did not disappoint with some great surfing on display from Scottish U14 champion Ansel Parkin (BHSC) and fellow (BHSC) surfer Tam Hood. Ansel scored a 7 & 5.17, with Tam scoring a 6.1 & 5.4 on his last 2 waves and using all his 15-wave total on the scorecard. The 2nd semi-final saw William Whyte (BSC) and Gabriel Noble (BSC) join Ansel and Tam in the final. Tam would go on to take the win in a wave packed final that saw over 40 waves surfed & kept the guys & girls on the priority system on their toes throughout.

Results Boys U14’s – 

1st Tam Hood (BHSC)

2nd Ansel Parkin (BHSC)

3rd Gabriel Noble (BSC)

4th William Whyte (BSC)

Ansel Parkin (BHSC) – Boys U14’s
Gabriel Noble (BSC) – Boys U14’s
Boys Under 14’s Winner – Tam Hood (BHSC)
Boys U14’s Podium – Ansel Parkin (BHSC), Tam Hood (BHSC), Gabriel Noble (BSC) & William Whyte (BSC)
Girls U14’s Winner – Callie Cruickshank (BSC)

Up next the Girls U14’s, where Scottish Champion Callie Cruickshank (BSC) was looking to extend her lead in the series and continue to push the standard of competitive surfing for the Scottish girls. Quickly showing her skill in the line-up in some tricky conditions she kept busy, constantly moving around searching for the waves in the final alongside Olivia Sutherland (NSSC), Rosie Moore (BHSC) and Voe Brock (NSSC). It was another wave packed final with all surfers getting plenty of waves with Callie taking out the win.

Results Girls U14’s –

1st Callie Cruickshank (BSC)

2nd Olivia Sutherland (NSSC)

3rd Rosie Moore (BHSC)

4th Voe Brock (NSSC)

Girls U14’s Finalists – Rosie Moore (BHSC), Callie Cruickshank (BSC), Olivia Sutherland (NSSC) & Voe Brock (NSSC)
Girls U14 Podium

Unfortunately, Fraser Brown (LSC) & Oliver Peace had to withdraw from the final of the Boys U16’s as they were unable to attend on the Sunday, leaving it a man on man final between Charlie Pugh (BHSC) & Ben Kobedza (MFSR). Charlie Pugh would continue to impress after a successful trip away with the Scottish Junior Training camp earlier in the month, posting a 5.17 & 4.33 on his way to the win. 

Boys U16 Winner Charlie Pugh (BHSC)

Results Boys U16’s

1st Charlie Pugh (BHSC)

2nd Ben Peter Kobedza (MFSR)

Boys U16’s Finalists – Charlie Pugh (BHSC) & Ben Kobedza (MFSR)
Boys U16’s Podium
Olivia Mackay (NSSC) – Girls U16’s Runner Up

The Girls U16’s final was a stacked heat with some of Scotland’s best young surfers, Olivia Mackay (NSSC) Scottish U18’s Champion and Lola Mitchell (BSC) Scottish U16’s champion, joined by local ripper Tamzin Rosie (NSSC) in a close fought contest. With dark clouds pushing in over the horizon and the swell dropping the girls kept the beach crowd entertained with some great surfing in the conditions. Lola would go on to take the win, pipping Olivia by just 0.1 on the score card.

Girls U16’s Winner – Lola Mitchell (BSC)

Results Girls U16’s

1st Lola Mitchell (BSC)

2nd Olivia Mackay (NSSC)

3rd Tamzin Rosie (NSSC)

Girls U16’s Podium – Olivia Mackay (NSSC), Lola Mitchell (BSC) & Tamzin Rosie (NSSC)

Next in the water was the Boys U18’s final. Sporting a bucket hat in the line-up Finn Clarke (EBSC) showed he had more than just a flair for fashion by posting some impressive scores in the less than perfect conditions. With a heat total of 11.70 he comfortably went on to take the win and jump to the top of the U18’s junior series leader board. 

Boys U18’s Winner – Finn Clarke (EBSC)

Results Boys U18’s

1st Finn Clarke (EBSC)

2nd Ebon Parkin (BHSC)

3rd Joel Carleton (BHSC)

Boys U18’s Finalists – Finn Clark (BHSC) Joel Carleton (BHSC)& Ebon Parkin (BHSC)
Boys U18’s Podium

Last heat of the day and chasing the dying swell & incoming rain clouds was the Girls U18’s final. The lack of size didn’t stop the wave count in this heat, Nadia Murray (NSSC) catching her 15-wave count total and Annie Herd (EBSC) putting 14 waves on her score card. But it was Natalie Eva Kobedza (MFSR) who went on to take the victory with a heat total of 10.03.

Natalie Kobedza (MFSR) & Annie Herd (EBSC) – Girls U18’s

Results Girls U18’s

1st Natalie Eva Kobedza (MFSR)

2nd Annie Herd (EBSC)

3rd Nadia Murray (NSSC)

Nadia Murray (NSSC) – Girls U18’s
Natalie Kobedza (MFSR) – Girls U18’s Winner
Girls U18’s Finalists – Nadia Murray (NSSC), Natalie Kobedza (MFSR) & Annie Herd (EBSC)
Girls U18’s Podium

Huge thanks must go to all the event volunteers & officials, including our Contest Director Huw and Head Judge Tim. The North Shore Surf Club for hosting the event and running a successful contest. Thanks also to the SSF & series sponsors C-Skins, Robie and Bulldog for your support, and a big thank you to Gow Plant Hire who sponsored this event.

Most of all thanks to all the surfers & parents, see you all at the next event in the junior series in Fraserburgh. Fair to say the future of Scottish surfing looks bright with these youngsters at the forefront.