*Scotland Team Announcement* EuroSurf – Norway

The Scottish Surfing Federation are sending a Scotland team to EuroSurf in Norway on the 6th-17th of October.

The team will be made up of 8 surfers – two ladies, four men, a longboarder and a male and female bodyboarder.  The team was selected at the Scottish National Surfing Championships 2017 in Thurso.  Travelling with the team will also be SSF judge Lisa Monteith.

Huge thank-you to the Comm Bar Thurso and Wavegarden Scotland for sponsoring the team!

The surfers who will make the trip to France to fly the flag for Scotland:

1. George Watt (Broch Surf Club)


2. Mark Boyd (North Shore Surf Club)


3. Mark Cameron (Broch Surf Club)


4. Kieran Cameron (Moray Firth Surf Riders)


5. Megan MacKay (Moray Firth Surf Riders)


6. Phoebe Strachan (North Shore Surf Club)


7. Sam Christopherson (Dunbar Surf Club)



The team need your help to cover the costs of the trip.  The team have to cover competition entry fees (£1000), accommodation (£2000) and airfares (£1500) as a minimum plus all the other associated expenses from travelling to the event.  Any unused funds will be rolled over to the Scotland team travelling to 2018 events.

You can pledge towards the team here:


You get rewards in return for your pledge including:

  • a thurso surf movie
  • surf lessons
  • clothes
  • meals
  • photo/video packages