NSSC End of Season Competition

The North Shore Surf Club celebrated the end of the season with its annual junior surf competition at Dunnet beach on Sat, 23rd Sept. With the sun shinning and fun waves contest director Chris Clark made the call for a 12pm start & with a great turn out of young surfers all eager to get into the water and compete the event did not disappoint with some great surfing throughout.  

“Every year the level of surfing gets better & better which is amazing to see. Every single kid has improved massively since the beginning of the season too. Magic day & night with kids most importantly having fun & making memories together”

Phoebe Strachan – NSSC, Scottish Surfing Women’s Champion.

After some closely fought heats throughout the afternoon everyone made their way back to the NSSC hut in Thurso for the prize giving ceremony and social get together with food provided by Taco East.

NSSC 2023

Results –  


  • 1st Olivia Mackay
  • 2nd Gregor Mill
  • 3rd Finn McCool
  • 4th Ellie Henderson
Under 16″s


  • 1st Voe Brock
  • 2nd Rhyan Helliwell
  • 3rd Brodie Disbury
  • 4th Will Brock
Under 14’s


  • 1st Oria McCool
  • 2nd Olivia Sutherland
  • 3rd Scarlett Heddie
  • 4th Megan Bridge
  • 5th Tyler Jackson
Under 12’s


  • 1st Johnny Russell
  • 2nd Skye Brock
  • 3rd Elise Wyke
  • 4th Jordan Shearer
Under 10’s


  • 1st Meri Clarke
  • 2nd Rossis Jardine
Under 8’s

“This is the 9th year of the surf club with the jump in the surfing standard more noticeable this year than previous years. This is down to the amazing volunteers and coaches that facilitate such a great environment for the kids to develop their talents”

Jason Simpson, NSSC Chairman.
NSSC 2023

It’s been a very successful season and there is some amazing young talent at the club. A massive thanks must go out to all the coaches, volunteers and parents that turn up every week to help give the juniors the opportunity to learn, develop friendships, build confidence and most of all have fun in the surf.

Finally a big thank you to all the businesses that helped support this event and deliver such an amazing contest for the kids.