British Surfing: The Ambassador Programme

British Surfing:

The Ambassador Programme


As part of the UK Sport Aspiration Fund British Surfing is committed to implementing a ‘Social Impact Plan’. A key strand of this is the Ambassador Programme.

The Ambassador Programme will fund small projects where surfers partner with surf schools, clubs, communities and coaches to deliver activity which uses surfing for social good; whether that is tackling inactivity, supporting people’s mental health or introducing kids to the ocean for the first time.

British Surfing have asked the 4 federations to submit project ideas.  As such, Surfing England, the Channel Island Surfing Federation, the Scottish Surfing Federation and the Welsh Surfing Federation are reaching out to all our affiliated clubs, schools, coaches and individual members to invite expressions of interest (EOI) for the fund.  EOIs need to demonstrate how your project will reach the different target groups, with many projects likely to hit multiple groups – for example young women from a deprived area.  Your respective federation  will provide support to complete your EOI where needed and will facilitate the partnering of projects and athletes.

Fund Objectives

  • Increase the number of peopleable to access surfing throughout the UK, to encourage physical activity and develop a life skill, supported by water safety. ​
  • Engage with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who would not normally be able to access an activity such as surfing, which has until recently been restricted to coastal areas. ​
  • Increase the number of qualified sports leaders and coaches engaged in surfing.
  • Increase the number of people able to use surfing as a method to manage stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression or sleep problems. ​
  • Increase educational awareness of the positive physical and mental benefits of surfing, sport and activity in general, especially in outdoor recreational environments.


Key Activity Areas and Target Groups

·         Tackling inactivity & changing behaviour

·         Improving physical and mental wellbeing

·         Social and community development

·         Engaging and supporting volunteers

·         Improving progression & talent development

  ·         Children and young people

·         Vulnerable and/or socially excluded

•   Underrepresented groups in sport;

–          Women

–          Older people (50 +)

–          Ethnic minority groups

–          People of different ability (disabled)

–          Those with long term health conditions




We suggest the funding allocation per project is from £1000 – £4000.   Projects that can demonstrate match funding, whether in-kind or from other sources are welcome and exceptional projects meeting multiple fund objectives and requiring over £4000 will also be considered.


Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be affiliated to their National Governing Body

Projects must be non-profit making

Eligible costs include: equipment, transport, coaching time, media and PR, elite athlete costs

Non eligible cost examples:  rent, building and premises, management time

Projects must be delivered in advance of the 2020 Olympics (scheduled for June 2021).


Next Steps

Complete the Ambassador Programme (EOI) form and return to your respective federation titled Ambassador Fund followed by your school/club/coach name;

Surfing England – ;

Channel Island Surfing Federation –

Welsh Surfing Federation –

Scottish Surfing Federation –

Your respective federation will review applications and where needed we will make connections to athletes and provide support developing your project if there are gaps in your submitted EOI.

Each Federation will batch submit applications to British Surfing on a monthly basis and will continue to do so until the funding allocation has been used up.   Please note, there is no timeline from British Surfing on the allocation of funding or the award process.   Any appeals will be dealt with directly by British Surfing.