ISA Level 1 Instructor Course – Dunbar

6-7th March 2018
Dunbar, Scotland
The Scottish Surfing Federation (SSF) held an ISA level one Surf Instructor course on the East Coast of Scotland near Edinburgh. The cold conditions and 5 degree (C) water at Belhaven Bay did not cool down the enthusiasm in which the students attacked the course and of course, the excellent surf! 
ISA presenter Andy Joyce was there to observe, mentor and approve one of SSF 1st ISA course presenters, Josh Christopherson.
Andy said: “The stoke of the Scots surfers involved in the course was amazing and well organised by the SSF, The ISA coaching and instructing program is in excellent hands in Scotland!”
Josh said: “the ISA level 1 instructor course took place in Dunbar with 8 enthusiastic future surf coaches.  It was a privilege to be able to help Andy with the course presentation  enabling future instructors, who will be involved in the positive development of surfing all over Scotland. Many thanks to Andy from Surf Steps, the SSF and ISA for running the course and allowing me the opportunity as a presentor. I’m very grateful.”
Scott Main (course attendee) said: “the ISA level one course was very well presented, very informative and a lot of fun. The presenters did a great job of encouraging us to reach our full potential as level one couches. Highly recommended’’
The SSF (Scottish Surfing Federation) are the National Governing body for Surfing in Scotland, further information can be found at