Scottish Junior Champions Crowned at Sandend

Scottish junior champions 2021 were crowned at the most important and prestigious event of the SSF Junior Series- The Scottish National Junior Surfing Championships 2021; which took place at Sandend beach on the 16th of October.

Tiree’s Ben Larg (TSC) was victorious over Thurso’s Craig McLachlan (NSSC) in the hotly contested U18 Boys division to retain his Scottish title. Craig McLachlan (NSSC) was able to retain his U16 Scottish title with Finn Clark (EBSC) as runner up and local quine Natalie Kobedza (MFSR) from nearby Cullen also retained her U18 Scottish Girls division title with Callie Cruickshank (BSC) runner up. Callie Cruickshank (BSC) would take her maiden Scottish National title with a win in the U16 girls division with Lola Mitchel (BSC) also of the Broch Surf Club in second. Israel Noble (BSC) took down the U14 Scottish National title and younger brother Gabriel Noble (BSC) the U12s.

The Scottish National Junior Surfing Championships acts as qualification for the Scottish National Junior Squad for any international competition taking place next year.

The Scottish National Junior Surfing Championships 2021 was also part of the SSF Junior Series where the best 3 results out of 5 events; which took place across Scotland in Tiree, Dunbar, Thurso, Fraserburgh and Sandend; are counted towards the series leaderboard which will be published in due course.


U18 Boys

  1. Ben Larg (TSC)
  2. Craig McLachlan (NSSC)
  3. Finn Clark (EBSC)
  4. Finn Friel (BSC)

U18 Girls

  1. Natalie Kobedza (MFSR)
  2. Callie Cruickshank (BSC)
  3. Olivia MacKay (NSSC)
  4. Annie Herd (EBSC)

U16 Boys

  1. Craig McLachlan (NSSC)
  2. Israel Noble (BSC)
  3. Fraser Brown (MFSR)
  4. Finn Clark (EBSC)

U16 Girls

  1. Callie Cruickshank (BSC)
  2. Lola Mitchel (BSC)
  3. Annie Herd (EBSC)
  4. Olivia MacKay (NSSC)


  1. Israel Noble (BSC)
  2. Riley Whyte (BSC)
  3. Sebastian Ballantyne (BSC)
  4. Ben Kobedza (MFSR)


  1. Gabriel Noble (BSC)
  2. Kai Cruickshank (BSC)
  3. Evan Whyte (BSC)
  4. William Whyte (BSC)