Gathering of the Clans 2019

The Scottish Inter-Club Championships called ‘The Gathering of the Clans’ took place on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of November in some of the most challenging weather conditions there has been for an SSF event in recent memory.  Strong winds, torrential rain and big stormy surf was the order of the day on Saturday in Fraserburgh where the opening rounds of the longboards, masters and open divisions were contested.

The SSF AGM took place at Fraserburgh Beach Cafe on the Saturday evening.

Sunday was finals day for all divisions in Peterhead and commenced with the junior divisions and dual podiums were in operation in order to complete the event which had its biggest turnout ever with close to 100 competitors.

First podium peak for finals day. Photo: Andy Bennetts 


Prize giving took place in the Fraserburgh Surf Lifesaving Club building on Sunday evening.


The SSF would like to say a huge thanks to the Broch Surf Club for hosting the event, Fraserburgh Surf LifeSaving Club, Peterhead Lido Caravan Park and all the event sponsors: Surf Ears, Daisys Cold Water Surf Cream, Animal Clothing, SRFCE Wetsuits, Porters Gin, Sunflowers Fraserburgh, Beach Cafe.



1. North Shore Surf Club (NSSC) 6975pts
2. Belhaven Surf Club (BHSC) 6925pts
3. Moray Firth Surf Riders (MFSR) 6505pts
4. Broch Surf Club (BSC) 6300pts
5. Moray Firth Surf Riders B (MFSR B) 5720pts
6. Granite City Surf Club (GCSC) 5238pts
7. Fife Surf Club (FSC) 5078pts
8. Lossie Surf Club (LSC) 4858pts
9. Granite City Surf Club Tunnels (GCSC T) 4710pts
10. Aberdeen University Surf Club (AUSC) 2115pts
Winning Club Thurso’s North Shore Surf Club (NSSC) with the clan sword for the 4th year running L-R: Phoebe Strachan, Chris Clarke, Ryan Henderson, Ritchie MacLean, Nadia Murray, Mark Boyd, Craig McLachlan. Photo: Lester Cruickshank
1. Clover Christopherson (BHSC) 8.70
2. Natalie Kobedza (MFSR) 5.10
3. Maja Thompson (MFSR B) 4.40
4. Nadia Murray (NSSC) 1.23
1. Craig McLachlan (NSSC) 11.17
2. Malcolm Todd (BHSC) 7.23
3. Callum Ainge (BHSC) 3.50
4. Ben Kobedza (MFSR) 2.53
1. Craig McLachlan (NSSC) 11.47
2. Ben Kobedza (MFSR) 11.07
3. Maja Thompson (MFSR B) 0.97
4. Lois Thompson (MFSR B) 0.67
1. Phoebe Strachan (NSSC) 11.37
2. Clover Christopherson (BHSC) 7.23
3. Sarah Dickson (GCSC) 6.63
4. Jill Noble (BSC) 3.40
1. George Watt (BSC) 13.43
2. Mark Boyd (NSSC) 13.37
3. Craig Sutherland (MFSR) 12.50
4. Lester Cruickshank (BSC) 9.07
4th Place Open Men: Lester Cruickshank (BSC) Photo: Alan MacLeay
1. Craig Sutherland (MFSR) 11.57
2. Sam Christopherson (BHSC) 6.83
3. George Noble (BSC) 6.83
4. Russell Cruickshank (BSC) 5.13
Masters Winner Craig Sutherland (MFSR) Photo: Alan MacLeay
1. Gregor Sisley (GCSC T) 9.30
2. Donald Peace (LSC) 8.87
3. Sam Christopherson (BHSC) 8.10
4. Chris Clarke (NSSC) 7.40
The second podium on finals day was a great longboarding wave. Photo: Andy Bennetts



The SSF would also like to thank everyone that volunteered at the weekend, without your help this event would not be possible. Photo: Andy Bennetts