2023 SSF Junior Series – supported by C-Skins – Series Review & Final Standings

The 2023 SSF Junior Series came to a close at the final event at Sandend in October, with the top 3 of each category picking up their prizes provided by C-Skins, Robie and BullDog.

The final standings are as follows:

Under 12

  1. Kai Cruikshank – Broch Surf Club
  2. Joel Christopherson – Belhaven Surf Club
  3. Lewis Morgan – Aberdeen Surf Club

Under 14 Girls

  1. Callie Cruikshank – Broch Surf Club
  2. Rosie Moore – Belhaven Surf Club
  3. Olivia Sutherland – North Shore Surf Club

Under 14 Boys

  1. Ansel Parkin – Belhaven Surf Club
  2. Tam Hood – Belhaven Surf Club
  3. Gabriel Noble – Broch Surf Club

Under 16 Girls

  1. Lola Mitchell – Broch Surf Club
  2. Olivia Mackay – North Shore Surf Club
  3. Athena Sintoris – Edinburgh and Borders Surf Club

Under 16 Boys

  1. Charlie Pugh – Belhaven Surf Club
  2. Fraser Brown – Lossiemouth Surf Club
  3. Oliver Peace – Lossiemouth Surf Club

Under 18 Girls

  1. Natalie Kobedza – Sandend Surf Club
  2. Annie Herd – Edinburgh and Borders Surf Club
  3. Robyn Larg – Tiree Surf Club

Under 18 Boys

  1. Finn Clark – Edinburgh and Borders Surf Club
  2. Ebon Parkin – Belhaven Surf Club
  3. Joel Carleton – Belhaven Surf Club

This Junior Series has not been short on great surfing conditions, giving the groms plenty of opportunity to compete against each other on the different breaks across the country. Winning The Series is a big accolade: Being able to do well in one competition is a feat in itself, but to be able to reproduce a performance consistently takes talent, dedication, bravery and a lot of spirit. The kids should be very proud of themselves.

The 2023 Junior Series started back in April at Pease Bay with the Junior Nationals acting as Stop One. Conditions here were very challenging, with a big swell and on shore wind really testing the kids. Then came Stop Two at Dunnet Bay in June with probably the smallest conditions of the series but still easily contestable. Stop Three, the penultimate stop, was at Fraserburgh in September with the best surf of the series being found just along the beach at the Waters of Philorth. And so, at Sandend for Stop Four, we concluded matters with monster sets coming in courtesy of Storm Babet.

Bring on 2024 – there is lots to look forward to and the talent in the junior ranks is clear for all to see.…

A big thanks again must go to our partners C-Skins, Robie and BullDog for providing the Series Competition Rash Vests and of course the Series prizes – It’s not about a new wetsuit, or Robie at the end of the day; it’s the accolade and the recognition. But the prizes are certainly an added bonus…….

Here’s a few pictures from across the Junior Series followed by the final series leaderboards (best 3 results):