Aberdeen Surf Club presents, Surfamania I, featuring the Scot Surf Tag Team Challenge and Fittie Foam Wreckers !
Never entered a surf comp before ? Dont worry, we have you covered ! Our comp is all about taking part, having fun and meeting new people !

In the spirit of bringing the surfing community together, Surfamania will have something for everyone !
Scot Surf Tag Team Challenge:

8 teams of 8 go head to head for that coveted first place ! 15 minute heats, non-stop action ! No categories, everyone competing together for the good of their team !

– All team members will surf one after the other within a 2h window, down to low tide. – 4 teams on each peak.– At low, the peaks switch and everyone gets a second surf, meaning everyone surfs twice and surfs each peak.- The scores for each competitor will be added to a cumulative team total, meaning all team members will contribute something to their team.– 

YOU CAN RIDE ANY SURFBOARD YOU WANT eg: Shortboard, Mid length, Longboard, Foamy (No SUP, Foil etc, good old traditional surfing only)

 YOU CAN ENTER UP TO A TEAM OF 4 PEOPLE, WE WILL BE FLEXIBLE ON THIS (£25 Entry Per Person)eg; Say you are a family of 5, we would randomly allocate 3 people to join your team to make the number up to 8.

Entry is £25 per person and is done individually. If you have entered with a group  of friends or family please message us your names in your group as soon as you all sign up so we can get you organised on the team sheets, you can message us by email:

Or you can message us on our Facebook Page or Instagram Page, both listed as Aberdeen Surf Club

Prizes for the top 3 teams, prizes for the best team name, best wipeout and more !

Fittie Foam Wreckers Expression Session:

Once the comp has ended and the scores are being tallied, grab your foamie and head on in for the Fittie takeover ! We want to see epic party waves and radical moves !
Post Comp Social:

Details to follow, but we will likely head down to FITTIE COMMUNITY HALL for some food and a well deserved drink!-(Bring your own drink) We hope you can all join us for what will be a great night

Head over to the  Aberdeen Surf Club Facebook page to keep up to date and where you can also message us for more details.

We are aiming to run the event on the 23rd, with provisional back up date of the 24th in case the surf isn’t contestable.

Entries close at 5pm on 16 September, Entry on